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In order for your centre to be included in the world-wide IBD-Passport network of IBD centres for travellers, we require you to be a registered user and fill the following details. Please prepare at least one photo of your centre before starting to fill in the details, as upload of photo/s is necessary to complete the registration (see below at bottom of page).

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Benefits for IBD Patients:

  • View practical, evidence-based information on travelling with IBD, put together by IBD Nurse Specialists
  • Free to register
  • Reputable information under one roof. No need to visit lots of different sites
  • Find details of IBD centres near your travel destination.

Benefits for Healthcare Professionals:

  • One-stop evidence-based IBD and travel information for you and your patients
  • Interactive map of global IBD centres for easy patient referral
  • Become listed on the IBD network as an ‘IBD Passport approved’ centre
  • Comprehensive global IBD centre network and contact details